2019’s First CS Sparks Session off to a Great Start!

Fun-filled workshop full of Algorithms, Games and… PB&J Sandwiches!

Week 1:

This year’s CS Sparks program is well and truly underway! The first week was a huge success with a great turnout of ambitious students.

The girls got a great introduction of what is to come this year with this workshop featuring some programming and playing with microbit applications! This included everything from microbit dice to PB&J sandwiches…

Everyone had a fun filled evening undertaking the task to create an algorithm to make the perfect PB&J sandwiches, the different steps that must be taken and in what order and then what is the logic to complete it. This methodology is the foundation in which all programmers take when designing a product. Teaching this way of thinking in a fun relaxed way is exactly what we aim to achieve here at CS Sparks!

Have a look through our gallery for more images from Week 1!

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